Group Classes

At Oxford Aerial Arts we offer a range of pole dance and aerial hoop lessons to suit everyone!

Group Pole Dane and Aerial Hoop Classes at OAA are fun, coach lead sessions. Each class is 60 minutes in length and includes a warmup and cool down.

Group Pole & Aerial Classes

Our structured lesson planner allows you to work at your own pace but ensures that every week you are learning something new (there’s plenty to get your teeth into!). Whether you are on the pole, hoop or both - we have lot for you to learn and master.

Classes combine working on moves in isolation and choreography that combines the moves you have learnt. Our instructors are advocates of bringing you all the latest moves and styles to your pole dance and aerial hoop classes.

Beginners Classes - Levels 1 to 4

Our beginners classes focus on the essential pole fundamentals and help you to build up core and upper body strength needed for the higher lessons. Anyone can join a beginners class... all you need is the desire to have fun!

Intermediate Classes - Levels 5 ro 8

In these classes you will begin to build on your beginner skillset and start to experience more upside down tricks and combinations including moves such as overhead, butteryfly and aerial climbs.

Advanced & Masterclasses - Levels 9 +

If you're an old hat you probably have a massive aerial addiction at this stage! If you are working on split grip ayeshas / shouldermounts etc these classes are for you. In these classes expect some powerful combinations that will test your strength, agility and flexibility! You got this 😉

**If you are a beginner please join any beginners or mixed ability class. Not sure what level you are please get in touch with us**

Pole Dance and Aerial Hoop Classes range from beginners all the way through to masterclass and beyond! Your health and safety is of the upmost importance to us along with providing you with a fun, supportive family environment