Pump 'N' Flex Workshop

Pump N Flex workshop

Sunday 19th January 10AM - 11.30AM

Come and blow away those after Xmas blues with a cheese burning pump session followed by a new year stretch !!

Pump and flex workshop

During this 90 min workshop we will be spending 45 doing an all over body workout - using our pole moves as a basis to learn what strength and conditioning moves are required. (For all levels!)

Nicola will help you as a pole PT to guide you on what strengthening exercises you need for to perfect certain moves and general all rounder exercises.

This will be followed by 45 mins of flexi-flow style stretching using on the floor, pole and partner stretching techniques! You’ll learn all about dynamic and active flexibility amongst other stretching techniques to ensure you keep progressing beyond the session!

£10 per person (please note free class offer is not redeemable for this workshop)

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